Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cake Fail

I made a chocanilla cake yesterday but because the ingredients are all so different, it failed. The cake tasted watery, and the cocoa was salty?? I applaud Supika for her bravery in eating a second piece. I worked out why the milk is so different, it doesn`t have enough fat! It`s too watery! My dad bought some Jersey Cow milk the other day, but it still wasn`t as thick as NZ milk!! I drink it anyway, it`s still better than light blue!! They have vanilla essence, flour, baking powder etc. but the sugar is different, I`m not sure what type it is, and the butter is white. Not yellow. The combination just didn`t work =( But I`m so glad they have an oven!! Otherwise I`d be screwed!! I am going into school tomorrow, maybe to get my uniform etc. and it either starts on Mon or Tues next week. I am sooo nervous!! Especially cause I have to commute there and back alone, every day!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The City

Today my host dad took me to the city and we ate in a restaurant for lunch. Then he dropped me off by the Peace Memorial Park and showed me which bus to take home. I put the photos up on facebook. I also went to the museum but I didn`t take any photos because it`s not the kind of thing you take photos of. There were diagrams of Hiroshima after the bomb and I`m surprised people survived it at all!! There were heaps of stories about students at work who were badly injured then died several days later. There was even a real tongue and skin and fingernails!! Eww!! I did a VERY quick tour of the museum. It wasn`t nice to dwell on. There was a shadow imprinted on a brick wall where someone had hid for cover and loads of old rusted items affected by the bomb. An old watch was stuck on the time 8.15.
I caught the bus back, in Japan you pay when you get off so I had to be told that hahaha. Everything is really expensive, unbelievably expensive!! 100grams of butter for the same price we‘d pay for 500grams!! I am so getting mum to send me some baking ingredients!! 

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Here in the Land of the Rising Sun!!!

Here I am, first time on the internet since NZ, and Japan is soooooo awesome!!!
Arrived in Tokyo at around 4.30pm then stayed at Nikko Narita Hotel for the night. Every AFS student was there but I didn`t get to meet them all!!
My orientation camp was in Osaka so we drove for 10 hours in a bus!!! I was with 2 other Kiwis Caitlin and Daeho. I went in the public baths for the 1st time!! Nobody really wanted to obviously hahaha, but I had my glasses off so it made it a bit better!!
We had the camp at a Youth Hostel, I didn`t notice when Kyoto finished and Osaka began, they are both so big!
I met the others going to Hiroshima: Tan from Maylasia, Nati from Costa Rica, Francois from Quebec and Anastasia from Russia. Yesterday, 27th, I went on the Shinkansen to Hiroshima!! Waiting for me at the station was my AFS chapter and Kouha!! He told me he would speak to me 90% Japanese and 10% English, which I am grateful for because it will help me very much!! But I have the impression he is like Lily, my Dad told me we are lucky if we see him more than 3 times a month!! hahahaha. I met Supika and my Mum, I have a very happy family!! =D
Last night Kouha walked me down to the train station to see what train I must take for school. It takes 20 minutes to walk to Yokogawa station, so I have to leave the house for school by 7.10am!!!
Today I met (I think) my Mum`s mother and sister, plus Supika`s cousin Miwa. We went to a small park around the corner for Hanami (flower viewing). We had a BBQ (10 degress outside!!) underneath a cherry blossom tree but they aren`tb in full bloom yet. I also pat Nana but I can`t pet Bright because he bites.
I`ll try and keep this updated as much as I can!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Less Than 2 Weeks...

I should be feeling nervous or even excited by now, but everything has been pretty average at school and home. Last week of school next week, have to buy a hoodie and I score shared lunches!!
I can check off dentist, optemetrist and facialist (word?) but have yet to get hair done. Am still chasing up studylink, called them the other day and they said they declined my application!! And didn't even tell me about it!! But hopefully it all gets sorted and I get my money =)
Am also worried about my visa not arriving yet =S
Haven't heard back from my host family in weeks =S
Haven't started packing anything in my room =S
But I did get my AFS bag today =D I'm so using it!!