Friday, February 26, 2010

What's happened so far

Ok, trying to look at other blogs for inspiration =P
My name's Juliette, I'm 17 and live in Auckland, New Zealand. I go to Green Bay High School in the West (Westie!!) and am in my final year, or would be if not for AFS!! I became interested in AFS when my sister came to my school for careers day and advertised it. I spent a year on my application (disorganised =P) to Japan, then asked the Japanese teacher if I could join her class!! I've been taking German for 5 years now, but every man and his dog that I know has been to Germany, so decided on some place a little more interesting haha! I've been to Japan once before, in 2004 with my intermediate school. I went to Fukuoka for 7 days, but felt that I took the whole experience there for granted. It was my first time overseas. I got accepted into Japan, and also received the Hiroshima Peace Scholarship which paid for $9000 of my exchange costs!! I can't wait to leave, but am a bit disappointed because I'll be missing out on my final year at school, which is meant to be the best year!! But I know that spending it in Japan will be even better!!

Now for some info:
I have my host family, the Yamaoka Family. My Father is Futoshi, mother Kazumi, older brother (19) Koha and younger sister (14) Supika + 2 dogs, Nana and Bright!! I'll be living in Nishi-ku, Horshima-shi, Hiroshima-ken, which I'm really glad of because I didn't want to be stuck somewhere without any civilisation like my sister Sophia!!
My high school is called Misuzugaoka High, and I'd like to say more about it but the whole site is in Kanji!! There are pictures, but the uniform doesn't look cute =( although I'd be rather concerned if they are like the ones in manga!! hahaha

Right NOW:
Am getting ready!! =0 a first!! Have organised eye appointment, facial, will do dentist and hair next week. Need to get a school leavers form and seriously work on a scrapbook to thank the Hiroshima City Council for giving me the scholarship!! All of my weekends are booked with camping, my Dad's 50th and packing etc. so its going to be an interesting (fun-packed!!...) few weeks...