Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winter Hols, Singing, Mayumi...

OK I know it's been over a month and I apologise.
My winter holidays start from the 23rd and last for 2 weeks (I think).
During that time I plan to go out with friends and spend Christmas with the fam, although everyone has to work and go to school etc. on Christmas Day. So my fam probably won't be home for most of the day >_<
This weekend Maumi's coming to stay at mine. She arrives in Hiroshima tomorrow and I have a day off school so I can go pick her up. She stays til Sunday. I want to show her around Hiroshima and then eat Hiroshima style okonomiyaki for dinner. Saturday I have an AFS event, welcoming exchange students who are visiting Hiroshima. I have to dance 2 dances, 1 to a Jackson Five song.
Sunday I have my 3rd to last chorus practice, singing Beethoven's 9th Symphony in German. I sound terrible but that's OK there are 4000 other people to help drown out my cat's wailing. XD
I perform on the 19th of December. Intense.
I took my Japanese Language Proficiency Test on Sunday, L3. I think (hope) I passed. But 2 girls I know who came with Rotary took the wrong train, came 5 minutes late to the exam and weren't allowed in!! They had paid 6000yen ($100) for the exam!! Gutting..
Today's temperature was averaging 10. But, as long as I stay in the kitchen with the heater on it's bearable. For some reason the package still hasn't arrived yet.. It's been 17 days, I don't know if that's usual or not?
Baked a chocanilla cake today. I was in a baking mood. I have exam week this week and only had 2 today so got back home early. Go back to school as normal next week. We have the stove on in the classroom, but when I go to another classroom when I have my study periods it's bloody freezing!! I take my scarf, gloves and a little blanket called a hizakake with me. All the girls put the hizakake on their laps during class. My English teacher was telling us she saw a boy with one on his lap too and thought it was really cute. They're lucky 'cause they have pants whereas all we've got is tights with our skirts >_<
My chances of going to the snow are slim, but I might get a white Christmas!!
We might be going to an onsen (hot baths) for a day, the whole family, if we ever get our acts together!! I sooo wanna go!!
That's all I can think of right now..

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