Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weather, AFS, activities.. stuff..

Yesterday the weather was fine, it was even warm enough for me to take off my blazer but TODAY! My God, it's like someone brought in a cold wind making machine!! And it doesn't help that my house is on the side of a mountain, and my school is up on an even taller one!!
Apparently tomorrow it's going to be 11degrees so we've been told to wear sweaters with our blazers for our trip to Hiroshima University. It's an open campus day and all the high school year 2's are going which means.. no school!!
I have bought thick tights and a little blanket thing which I'm allowed to use from November onwards I think.. can't wait! And Nana's jumper she knitted me is a lifesaver!! thankyou Nana ^_^
I have my speech coming up in 2 weeks. Have to memorise 5 minutes worth of Japanese ><
So that's what I've been doing, practice, practice, practice..
I had an AFS meeting on Saturday, where I met Japanese AFS students who are doing exchanges next year. There are around 10 and they're either off to the US or Europe. One girl goes to my school even and I've agreed to help her learn basic German to prepare for her exchange to Germany..
At the meeting we learnt a dance which we will perform for other exchange students who are coming to Hiroshima city in December. I think other kiwis will be coming too XD
Sunday I went shopping...
..I spent.. a bit...
well, I bought the high heels I wanted, can't wear them until Saturday though ><
as well as tights for school and socks that were on special.. long winter socks for $3 a pair!! =O
so, I've bought what I wanted, and I feel guilty so I'll refrain from spending again...
But I think you'll be surprised at how much I've changed.. willing to wear make-up every day etc. It's this whole fashionable thing in Japan, the trend is growing on me so I'm turning even girlier.. it could be a good or bad thing...
This Sunday I have a university's culture festival to go to. I'll tell you how that goes when I get there, you might have to wait another month though XD
The chorus thing I've signed up for is going well. Can remember the tune and how to sing it, and there's another exchange student I met!! She's from Sweden and she came in August with Rotary. Her Japanese is not so good, but of course I've been here 5 months longer than she has...
The day of the speech competition is the 7th of November, meaning exactly 3 months to go after that o.O
What I'm feeling about that is this:
There's 3 more months to go!! Wanting to go back..
There's only 3 months left... Not wanting to go back..
i just have this horrible feeling i'm not going to cry at the airport..
I'll have to invest in some onion juice to dab underneath my eyes or something..
I had exams last week. These are my results:
writing (english):99/100
world history:20/125
I was ecstatic about world history today, i expected only 10 and got double! AND i bet one of the girls in my class, she only got 12. I'm guessing she didn't study. I didn't really either, it was my guess work and multichoice questions that won me my 20 point mark today. Quite proud...
So, that's what's happening. It's too cold to sit in dad's room typing for long so I'll leave you to it.

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