Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Service, Camps, Stuff...

Haven't mentioned Japan's fantastic service.
I went to the hairdressers around a month ago, the one that Supika goes to. I had 3 people working on my hair, who talked to me (like hairdressers do), but afterwards the price was 2000 instead of 2500 yen because it was my first time, and one of them opened the door for me and i was waved goodbye!!! Aw, it's a special feeling..
And, yesterday Supika went to the optometrists for new glasses and I thought I'd tag along to get mine fixed. I'd brought my wallet, but they fixed my glasses, cleaned them, and gave me new nose fitter thingies for FREE!! AND they gave us juice!!
Dad said later on they probably should have charged me, and I'm like, I don't mind XD
I was meant to start a first full day at school today, but yesterday the school pipes broke down so the tests were postponed til today and I don't have any tests =D so, home alone...
I've been building a small manga collection, and Supika and I read manga late in the night in my room cuz I have the aircon ;P but its still embarrassing buying manga cuz I'm foreign, browsing through these books in another language and they use heaps of slang so its slow going...
I had my family camp, which was fun. We stayed at a campsite first night, then a real flash Japanese Inn the 2nd, and my Mum's Dad's place on the 3rd. I forgot to mention, we had my hostfamily's old exchange student return and stay for 2 weeks, so he came on the camp too. He arrived on my birthday, from Germany and same age. Dad was evil and didn't tell him that I was there, so he didnt know of my existence, so you can imagine his surprise when he walked in the door and saw me there!! But his being there meant I was also allowed to drink alcohol for the 2 weeks so I'm not complaining!! XD
Oh yes, and the little sister came. First I'm like, yay! our family's growing!! but after one day I was prepared to kill her. Supika could tell I didn't like her, I wasn't my usual cheery self, so Pi tried to keep the 10 yr old away from me.. Luckily I had my AFS camp right after the fam camp so I could escape the house early!! The girls name was Norichan, and whenever someone mentions her name, everyone sighs and says never again! lol
I went to the beach on the fam camp, used HEAPS of sunscreen, and entered the onsen 3 times XD once before the beach, once after, and one more time the next morning.. we like onsen..
When we went to stay at grandfathers house we stopped off at a river for a swim and there were these Americans there MOCKING me!! And I'm like, I can speak english you know!!
Afterwards my whole fam was like OMG Juliette what did they say? what did they say?? fools..
So yeah.. then AFS camp was good but I felt like I was in primary again with the way they treated us. Keep on the left! Don't separate! Wait at the lights! It was like it was our first time out in public or something. It was absurdly hot, and we spent the whole time walking round looking at things in Hiroshima which were very boring because naturally I've already seen them all! We had 17 students gathered which made it good though. New people were: 1 Vietnamese, 1 Malaysian, 1 American, 1 Norwegian, 1 Finnish, 1 Laos, 1 French, 1 Nepal(ese?), and 1 Chinese.
When I returned I became sick and it still hasn't gone away XS
And my first full day of school is tomorrow XS
Have received more info bout my school trip, don't know when I have to pay though.. When I go to see Lion King I have like, one of the best seats!! In the middle near the front yuss!
I've just been finishing my essays and baking ^_^ and now I'll carry on reading my manga!!!
Ja ne, Juju <3

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