Sunday, July 4, 2010

Wednesday Night 'clackers', Bunkasai, Karaoke, AFS warning, summer.. and exams round 2!!

Incidently that's the reason why I'm writing today, I had an exam this morning. Anywho I'll start on the 1st one on the list: Wednesday Nigh clackers. I keep forgetting to mention this and only remember when they come every Wed. I think it's just in my area, volunteers wearing fluoro vests and carry clacky thingies walk around on Wed night clacking away warning any arsonists wondering about town. Everyone says what? Apparently, all the poor were pissed of about 10 years ago and started burning peoples houses, so you don't leave any paper or things that can be burnt outside, and these clackers come round to check for lurking arsonists. One of my first Wednesday nights here I went for a little nap early and was woken up by them coming closer and closer and I'm like what the hell is that?? It was pretty freaky, but soon Dad explained.

I had my bunkasai (culture festival), some Americans came and being part of the ESS club I helped show them round. At first I couldn't see who the Americans were because most of them were Asian looking. One girl had been born in Japan but lived in America all her life, but her Jap was really good even thoug her parents don't speak it anymore! Some were born in Hawaii, so a girl could use the pois that I had made. Meimei, Franc and Nastia turned up and we went into the haunted mansion which was really cool and freaky, you'd be surprised at how well the students can decorate their rooms and make it so realistic! It was pitch black, and hands came out and grabbed you and mannequin heads fell down in front...
ESS club wasn't so popular.. Whale Rider and the Worlds Fastest Indian were playing, and I was stationed at the club room from 1-1.30. I really wanted to do something with the others afterwards, but had to clean and have a closing ceremony first, so we agreed to meet at Koi train sation when I'd call. Luckily the ceremony was so short, only 20 mins, and I told my homeroom teacher about wanting to meet my friends so she let me go straight home!! I called Meimei, and found them climbing up some stairs down the road, up into a suburb I've never been to before. I'm like, guys, the bus stop is across the road from the school!! So we went to the city, Hondori, and Franc showed us the building where he takes Jap lessons and we decided to try it out the next Sat, then Franc was hungry so we looked for a restaurant. He wanted Japanese style so we found one which went underground and chose 5 dishes to share (including deepfried camembert!!! (that was my choice!)). We ordered squid, chinese dumplings, a yam fritter thingy and tuna sushi as well (raw of course). But when they set the plates down in front of us, we were all like, is this it?? The pictures made them look way bigger but they were actually only appetisers!! And it cost 2000 yen altogether!! ($34!!)
We later found out it was a bar and you had to be over 20 to enter it, and I had rocked on up in my school uniform lol. We met the Americans from the festival again, and looked around for a subway which Franc was determined that he had seen it the other day. We found it and shared a sandwich then made our way home.
I finally went to karaoke!! We all met up on the Saturday for the Jap lessons which were really good, then met up with some Jap girls for karaoke. Interesting story: the Tuesday earlier I caught the wrong bus and a woman helped me find the correct one etc. we exchanged numbers and she gave me her daughter's number as well. Texting her daughter, Miku, we decided to meet each other for the 1st time at karaoke. You might think that'd be the most awkwardplace to meet new peopl but it was really cool and fun!! We only had 3 hours though =( Next time, Franc said we have to pack food for a whole day and spend the day there! I so agree!! I'm actually going again this Wed with my mates from school :)
Got lost on the way home though and took half an hour finding my way back. I secretly have a cell phone now, and without it then, I would've been screwed!! I found a place I recognised and Dad came and picked me up. The whole fam was there and we made sushi.
Poor Meimei, her hostmum and LP are really close so AFS knows everything she does and found out that we (exchange students) had gone out together 3 times over the past 2 months.. dundundun!! So, we all received phonecalls from our LPs telling us we shouldn't go out again until after the next orientation (24th July). So we're being 'grounded' by AFS?? wtf?? Luckily I have a fam who couldn't care less about who I meet, but Meimei's mum is always inquisitive about where she goes, so is Nati's, so they both don't get out much. And it's hard to keep contact with the other two, they aren't allowed on the comp as frequently as I am and Franc doesn't even have 1 so he uses the school ones or an internet cafe.
It is officially summer, but not even at its hottest yet!! I'm so grateful to dad, he bought me a fan for my room, and I live on aircon in the kitchen =P I love being in the classrooms at school too cause they have aircon, but the second you step out it's like someones put weight on your shoulders and covered you in a big fur coat!! It's a dizzying heat.. can't wait til the hols in 2 weeks!! I'm finding a pool and swimming in it!!
Exams are here again. Had English last Friday and World History today which I studied for hard, trying to remember all the names and places and memorising some kanji but it was still a failure.. I have home economics tomorrow, don't ask why I said I could do that exam!! And writing and Japanese on Wed. Free day on Thurs whoop!!
OK, I'll try and do this again before a month passes!!
Love Julz

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